YouTube as context for AI

By: Isaac ― December 30, 2023

Learn how to utilize YouTube in your Generative AI chats as context.

Tags: Python, AI

Category: General

Automate with Google API's

By: Isaac ― September 29, 2022

Google services opens a world of possibilities for automation! Read on to learn about authenticating with Python and a brief Google Sheet example.

Tags: Python

Category: Automation

How to send emails and texts for free with Python

By: Isaac ― December 12, 2021

A simple demonstration of how to send emails and text messages for free using python and a Gmail account.

Tags: Python, Basics

Category: General

Making SQLite easy for Python

By: Isaac ― November 10, 2021

Learn how to create a database, insert data, and query it back out in only 7 lines of code!

Tags: Python, SQLITE3

Category: Database

Using SQLITE3 in Python

By: Isaac ― November 07, 2021

An intro to using SQLITE3 databases in python including creating databases, prepared statements, and querying data.

Tags: Python, Basics, SQLITE3

Category: Database